Dealing with swollen hands and feet while pregnant is very common. This is usually caused by all of the extra fluid the mother is retaining to nourish the baby. Once the baby is born, the hands and feet should begin to return to normal very quickly.

pregnany foot care tips

Tips to Reducing Foot Swelling While Pregnant

1. Keep Moving! The best way to help the fluid keep moving is if you keep moving. Try some safe, appropriate exercises like walking, stretches or yoga to keep your body moving. If you are sitting for long periods remember or set a reminder to get up and walk around.

2. Keep Your Feet Up. If you are sitting, prop your feet up on some pillows or anything you can to keep the blood and fluid moving.

3. Stay Hydrated! Make sure you are drinking a lot of water. You should be drinking more than you did before you were pregnant. This will help to flush out the system, as well.

4. Wear supportive, comfortable shoes. Ditch the heels and wedges and opt for comfort instead. We have some stylish and very comfortable, supportive shoes available. Also, orthotics can help to distribute the weight and relieve pressure points and pain in the feet.

If your feet are swollen and painful or if you are having trouble walking, you should see a doctor. Although some swelling is common among pregnant women, it should not interfere with normal walking and activities. 

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