Caris LeVert, college basketball player for University of Michigan, sacrificed his foot while leaping for a rebound at the end of last Saturday’s Northwestern game.  He landed awkwardly on his left foot and as of Sunday, University of Michigan announced he has to get surgery. Due to the surgery and a 12 week recovery and rehab program, this will mark the end of LeVert’s season.

Unfortunately, this is not his first foot injury. He also had the same foot injury about 10 months ago. Caris LaVert says, “For me, I am familiar with the recovery process and what work lies ahead for me. I am very confident that I will return 100 percent and have already begun work to ensure that happens." LeVert’s coach John Beilein says, “Right afterwards I spoke with his mom and both doctors and they were really pleased with the operation itself.”

One of the main reasons people do not come see a podiatrist is because of fear.  However, Caris LaVert and his coach tell us that there is nothing to be fearful of! At Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, our podiatrist’s will give people the treatment they need. Our office offers a many conservative and painless treatment options for most foot problems. There is no need to worry or have that fear of surgery.

We will make sure you have the same confidence as Caris LaVert to help you with your necessary treatment. Our goal is to help you 100% of the way to ensure you have the best recovery. Not only will you be happy with the outcome of your treatment, but so will your family and friends.

Make an appointment today with one of our podiatrists!

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