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Victoria Azarenka foot injuries

Victoria Azarenka, a once No 1 ranked Tennis player misses out on her chance to bring her ranking up during her match against Karolina Pliskova. Following Azarenka recent foot injuries, her ranking has dropped considerably. Last year Azarenka was only able to participate in 24 matches, which dropped her ranking from a once World No 1, to 41. Her only chance to bring her ranking up to into the top 32 fell on a recent match with Karolina Pliskova, which she lost.

Azarenka was World No 1 in 2012 and 2013. However, she suffered two foot injuries in the last two years. First in 2013, she suffered an injury to her left foot, and then in 2014 an ankle injury led to an injury in her right foot. Azarenka has suffered the whole year with foot and knee injuries which caused her to miss out on a seeding.

Foot and ankle injuries can be very frustrating, especially for athletes. Athletes do not want to spend time healing and resting, they want to get back to their sport. Therefore, it is very common to see injuries occur on one foot, then shortly after, an injury on the other foot.

Often, athletes do not give their injuries adequate time to heal. The get back in the game before their body is ready which leaves them susceptible to more injuries. In addition, rushing to get back in the game while a foot or ankle injury is still healing, will force the other foot or ankle to pick up any slack from the injured foot. This may cause the uninjured foot to overwork itself and cause pain and injuries.

In order to prevent sports injuries from getting any worse, or before you injure the other foot or ankle, visit a podiatrist and be sure you have the best treatment options.

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