Constant foot pain due to a pinched or damage nerve can discolor your entire day. Perhaps you’ve curtailed most of your activities, even the low impact ones. Don’t give up! We offer the latest remedies, many which are non-surgical, such as cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy represents a state-of-the-art treatment option for foot pain conditions such as neuroma, plantar fibroma, and certain plantar fascia cases. Through a rapid and limited deep-freezing of the affected area, the nerve or fascia pain may be resolved with a simple and comfortable office procedure. Until now, treatment options have not been effectively addressed. Patients typically relieve pain by stopping activity, removing their shoe, and rubbing the affected area with their hands. Thankfully, times have changed.

cryotherapy treatment

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy, or freezing of the nerve, works to stifle the nerve’s transmission signals, thus reducing pain. Most patients respond well to the treatment that is given in the office using only local anesthesia. Sometimes the procedure does not fully treat the nerve pain on the first attempt and a second treatment may be necessary. Another major upside to this procedure is that if need be, we can easily remove the nerve if this procedure does not work.

Go to the Experts in Cryotherapy

It is important to remember that at Family Foot and Ankle Specialists, we always try to treat a condition with conservative care options such as insoles, injections and physical therapy prior to trying any advanced treatment. We suggest that you don’t start with this procedure right away when 80% of the time more conservative treatments do the trick.

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