Cam Walker/Cam Boots: Controlled Ankle Movement

The CAM walker stands for controlled ankle movement. Cam walkers are used by people that have a wide variety of foot and ankle injuries. They are also utilized to support and look after immobility of a wounded foot. Cam walkers are utilized for numerous medical problems such as sprains, fractures, achilles tendon issues and diabetic ulcers. They are also great tools for those who recently had surgery, such as, bunion/hammertoe surgery.

cam walker

The Benefits:

Cam walkers are highly preferred over hard casts for many reasons. For starters they are removable! Being put into a sold cast for weeks can seem like such a daunting task. Having a removable walker, which can be taken off for showering, is much more conducive to everyday life. A cam walker includes a rocker bottom. The nice thing about this rocker bottom is the fact that it aids you in gaining some natural flow in your walk.A hard cast can completely alter the way you walk.

Also, cam walkers come with different features. There are short or tall and even an air pump feature. The air pump feature can greatly increase the healing time for post op patients. Also, the boot holds the foot in a complete 90 degree angle which is optimal for post-op healing.

Immobility is the most important prerequisite that's completely satisfied by a cam walker. If you find yourself affected by a sprain or fracture, a cam walker is just what you will want. A sprain in the foot or ankle is often curable with a cam walker. 

If you recently had a foot or ankle injury or if you are having a foot or ankle surgery, you should discuss the use of a cam walker with your doctor. The benefits far outweigh the use of a hard cast!

Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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