We have all had that moment, although most of us might not admit it, that moment when we take off our shoes and are shocked/embarrassed about our smelly feet. For some people this may happen once in a while, but others may live with this problem daily. No matter what category you fall into I'm sure you want to know: How Do I Make sure My Feet Aren't Smelly?

smelly feet

Smelly Feet are Caused By Sweat

The most common cause of foot odor is sweat. Therefore, solutions to decrease foot odor are commonly geared to decrease sweat production.

The Material Your Shoes are Made of Make the Smell Worse

Keeping this idea in mind, it is important to consider the materials that we put on our feet. Therefore, cotton socks are always a better choice than nylon or polyester, as they provide better ventilation. In addition, if foot odor is excessive changing your socks throughout the day can also help.

At Home Treatments for Smelly Feet 

However, when changes in material and changes your socks often isn't enough there are effective homeopathic remedies that have been proven to decrease foot odor. In fact, often times our kitchen cabinets may be holding the solution to our foot odor. In particular soaking feet in black tea water 30 minutes daily has proven to be an excellent way to decrease perspiration and odor. If your cabinet has run out of black tea, baking soda is another effective homeopathic remedy that has been shown to decrease foot odor, by neutralizing odor causing by products produced by the bacteria on our feet.

However, when homeopathic remedies and changes in lifestyle fail to decrease foot odor a visit to your podiatrist is important to make sure your foot odor isn't being caused by a more serious condition such as an underlying infection.

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