Do you have a pain that you just can’t get rid of but you can’t remember how it started?

You know that pain in the …. That you just can’t get rid of?? You can’t remember where or when this constant pain started. You can’t remember a bump or a fall. You can’t remember a bruise or any swelling. But you HAVE pain. You may have a fracture, or a “break” in your bone. I know what your thinking, your thinking that I would know if I broke my foot, right? Wrong.

Pain in Your Foot Could Be a Stress Fracture

Stress fractures are tiny cracks or breaks in a bone. These injuries are caused by the repetitive application of force, such as repeatedly jumping up and down or running long distances. Often they may occur when we join a new sport.

So, when is it time to see your doctor and what should you expect from your visit? A good indication to see your doctor is when you are in pain. Pain is a natural symptom that your body uses to tell you that something is wrong. There is never a reason to brush off pain that isn’t going away or may even be getting worse. As far as treatment, it is important to remember that every body is different and therefore no treatment or recovery will be exactly the same. But as a rule of thumb the most important thing to do when you have a stress fracture is to recognize and stop the activity that caused the problem in the first place.

It's Time to RICE

Your doctor may recommend that you wear a stiff-soled shoe or a wooden-soled sandal.  In addition you may have to take a break from weight bearing sports and temporarily try swimming or bicycle riding. Once your pain has improved you will be able to go back to the sports you love, but this should be a gradual process.  And remember you should not do too much, too soon.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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Jake Wrenfield 11/01/2013 10:26 AM
Interesting article! I think a lot of people, especially older adults, think that foot pain must always just be arthritis. While this is usually the case, it can never hurt to get it examined especially if the pain is prolonged. Like you said, stress fractures can happen easily without our knowledge. If it's not a fracture and just pain through arthritis or a similar problem, individuals may want to look into foot pain treatment options such as exercise, stretches, or medications.
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