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These slipper are safe, healthy and oh so cozy! 

work from home slippers

These slipper are safe, healthy and oh so cozy! They have a faux fur lined inside, with a hard bottom. they are designed to accommodate people suffering with diabetes, those with bunions, hammertoes or callouses. They have a wide toe box which allows the foot to spread out and allow space for any bone deformities.

We have seen so many people coming into the office suffering with heel pain, achilles tendonitis, warts because they have been working from home and going barefoot. Make sure your feet are protected, supported and comfortable even while working from home!

These slippers are perfect for people suffering with foot problems and those without! They are stylish and comfy! The hard bottom makes them great for walking inside or when you have to pop out to the mailbox or to walk the dog. 

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