I would say the three things that patient’s spend the most time worrying about is TIME, MONEY, AND PAIN. Let’s face it when people come to a doctor most of the time it is because they are in PAIN! It is our #1 goal when a patient comes to see our doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists to get our patient out of pain and back to a healthy functional life as fast as possible. We do this using the most up-to-date and efficient treatment options and modalities. We also make sure to not only to treat the pain that you may be experiencing today, but also focus on preventing the pain from returning in the future.

Your Lifestyle, Your Treatment Plan

My colleagues and I believe that treatment plans MUST be tailored to each individual patient, patient’s lifestyle and obligations. I know that patients who are told what to do without discussing if they are capable of doing these things are less likely to improve and less likely to comply with the outlined treatment plan. In theory and in books certain treatment options may sound perfect, but if a patient can’t fulfill the treatment plan then no matter how correct it sounds on paper, it is NOT the correct treatment for that individual.  

Education is Prevention

We at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists make every effort to educate and treat our patients as a team member and work with our patients to develop treatment plans that fit in with each person’s lifestyle and to make them better as fast as possible.

All of our doctors are approachable. We are wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and friends. We have families and we understand daily hardships.  We want to work with you to make you better!  We also have a team of experts solely dedicated to work with insurance companies and our patient’s to make sure that finances are not a reason to delay your treatment!   

There is no reason to wait to get better! We want to help you! After all you are just like us! Call us today we are looking forward to meeting you and helping our community keep moving!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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