Sports injuries are very common in the foot and ankles. We treat all types of foot and ankle injuries including heel pain, achilles tendonitits, achilles ruptures, broken and twisted ankles. Many athletes try to push through their pain. We understand! We keep our athletes on the most efficient and quickest treatment plans. We understand the goal is to get better so you can get back in the game.

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Recently we had a 22-year-old soccer player limp in with apparent left foot pain. Patient said that he was playing soccer the night before and after the game felt a nagging pain in the back of his foot/ankle. He did not have any trouble during the game and was able to finish playing. His team ended up winning the game on his assist.

When he woke up, he had trouble putting weight on his left leg and decided to make an app. Upon further exam and evaluation, it was determined that the patient did not rupture his Achilles. We were able to determine this through digital x-rays and performing ultrasound.

The conclusion was that the soccer player has Achilles Tendonitis. The treatment for this injury is an anti-inflammatory, immobilization with a Cam walker, and MLS laser therapy. Most achilles tendonitis is easily treated with conservative treatments. The best way to prevent surgery is to get treatment as soon as the injury occurs.


In our Piscataway podiatry office, we have MLS Laser Therapy. This highly specialized treatment helps to bring blood flow and oxygen to the tendon. This works to repair the tendon much faster than normal. The patient had 6 treatments of the MLS laser and was back to playing pain-free in one week!

Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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