I can not recall the last patient that I have had that has needed an invasive surgery for heel pain. Ever since I have started using cryotherapy to treat recalcitrant heel pain, I have not seen a more consistent, positive result. Another huge advantage is that this option requires little to no down time! I love seeing my patients out of pain and being able to get back to their favorite activities.


Heel pain is painful and sometimes traditional, conservative therapy is not enough. Not long ago the only other option to treat heel pain was an invasive procedure that cut the fascia attached to the heel bone. The good news is that our office provides an alternative to this invasive procedure. Over 90 percent of my patients have felt relief of painful symptoms in the first week after the minimally invasive procedure and after a week, most if not all, of their pain is relieved!

If you have heel pain that won't go away you owe it to yourself to find out about cryotherapy as a treatment option!