Here at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists we don’t think your insurance should dictate your health. While we accept most insurances, we don’t treat you based on your insurance plan. We always offer new patients a free exam to come in and discuss treatment options. In addition, we host free treatment days annually.

hillsborough and piscataway accepts all insurance


We treat patients with all different types of insurance plans in our Piscataway and Hillsborough offices. It is frustrating to see patients who come in after suffering for many years with foot or ankle pain or worse, an infection. People suffering from certain condition should be seeing a podiatrist routinely, such as those with diabetes.

Recently, I had a patient come to the office the other day. It was a 42-year-old man with Cerebral Palsy. He had undergone many painful surgeries to his lower extremities over his life. The last one was two years ago but then he lost his insurance. He hadn't sought any care since.

He walked with a painful limp and used a cane. He came to us with left ankle pain and the inability to stand pain-free for any length of time. he was trying to keep a job to raise his family. I discussed many treatment options with him and decided his main goal was to just be pain free or pain less. I dispensed an ankle brace and had the medical assistant put it on him.

The patient felt immediate decrease in pain increased instability and was in tears saying "I can't believe I waited so long to get some relief I thought a big painful surgery is all I would be offered. Thank you for letting me walk out of here feeling better."

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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Dr. Denise Bonnin is an amazing foot and ankle doctor. She loves to treat children, seniors, and athletes!