Yesterday, I saw my patient 6 weeks after his second Hyprocure surgery. This is a surgery for children with extremely mobile, flat feet that cause them pain and discomfort. The procedure is minimally invasive and the recovery is fairly quick. Patients are walking the same day and have about a 2 centimeter incision. Hyprocure is a permanent treatment for children and adults with flat feet.

Prior to his surgeries, I could not touch his Achilles tendon and his feet were constantly in pain. He could not play outside and he could not participate in gym class without being in severe pain. His life was really limited due to the pain he was feeling in his feet! Yesterday, he told me he was so happy that he had the surgery and that his life is changed. His mom said that he no longer limps and she sees her son playing outside and no longer complaining of pain.


Hyprocure is a great surgical option for children and adults that have extremely flat feet. While we recommend trying conservative measures first, Hyprocure is a great final solution. It can save you pain and money trying options that are only a band aid to the problem. If you have any questions about treatment options for your child's flat feet make an appointment today.