I recently had a patient who recovered from a bunion surgery I performed on her right foot. She was shocked by her quick recovery especially since the recovery from her last bunion surgery was twice as long. It took her much longer to get back into a regular shoe. With her recent bunion surgery, her recovery was much faster and easier. She was into a regular shoe in 3 and a half weeks! She asked me what I thought made a difference?

I truly believe there is one major thing that changes the recovery time of any surgery. This is SWELLING! I give this speech to every surgical patient. You need to take the time to recover after surgery. This means dedicate the first week to elevating your foot. Elevating your foot means ABOVE the level of your heart. In addition, ice behind your knee. I know that sounds strange but this cools the blood going down to your leg. Lastly, take the anti inflammatory as prescribed. It's not prescribed for pain it's prescribed for the swelling!

foot elevation

If you follow these three key guidelines your post surgical swelling should be controlled and your recovery faster and smoother.