To Ped Egg or Not to Ped Egg?

cheese graterped egg


As many of you know I was recently home for three months on maternity leave. During this time I took the opportunity to try out a few products that my patients had mentioned to me over the years. One of these products was the Ped Egg. The ped Egg claims to gently remove calluses while collecting all of your skin shavings (!) in a neat little compartment.

Now, I have always told patients, especially those who are diabetic not to use this product. After using it myself, I can say I was 100% right in the advice I was giving. Anything that claims to "cut off" your calluses sends off warning signals in my head! First, if you are diabetic and suffer from neuropathy, you may not feel the pain caused by these "miracle" tools. In addition, those with diabetes or not, could be putting themselves at a high risk of infection from using these products.

One night after the kids were sleeping I decided to try out this egg. It has an outer appearance of an egg, and collects all the dead skin neatly in a compartment. Taking a close look at the Ped Egg I noticed it looked familiar... it looked like a cheese grater! Not giving this much thought, because  I am a podiatrist after all (and must know what I am doing) proceeded to try it out. Five minutes later, my calluses were gone and so was the healthy skin on my heels! I was bleeding from both heels! Its been a month now and my wounds are ALMOST healed, although the last month has been difficult wearing shoes and has been painful walking barefoot!

My final review: proceed with caution! If you are diabetic or have any form of neuropathy stay away, far away! I, for one, will not be using the Ped Egg again in the future!