I had a patient come into the office after suffering from debilitating foot pain. The patient was experiencing a throbbing and burning in their heels. They were a waitress and standing on their feet for long periods of time became excruciating. However, this patient was so scared to come into the office, thinking they would need surgery, they waited for months to finally make an appointment. They thought their only hope was surgery, which would require them to be out of work for at least a few weeks.

Once I saw the patient and hear her symptoms, I decided to do an X-ray. The x-ray showed an inflammation in the plantar fascia which is plantar fasciitis, commonly known as heel pain. There are many different treatment options for heel pain depending on how severe the pain is and exactly what the patient is trying to accomplish. Understanding my patient’s career, I knew I needed to get them out of pain immediately so they could continue working. I injected her foot with a cortisone shot which gave her immediate pain relief.

The cortisone shot will provide immediate results but will not be a permanent solution. I told the patient the reason she was experiencing heel pain was due to the way she was walking. I explained that orthotics will help to correct a person’s gait, their walk, and force the foot into a proper walking style. The orthotics can be worn right in her normal shoes. We casted her foot, which is painless and done right in the office. We also discussed simple stretched she could do at home without any equipment.

heel pain stretches

The patient has since received her orthotics and since her last check up, she is doing great! She is able to work her full shift without any pain. She is also really happy to be out of pain and getting back into an exercise routine. The patient has not needed any further treatment and is so thankful she finally made the decision to make an appointment!

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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Dr. Robert Kosofsky has over 25 years of experience treating patients in our Hillsborough & Piscataway offices