Ankle injuries are common, especially in athletes. Our office treats ankle injuries each week. Often we’ll see patients coming in after waiting to go to the doctor. They thought they had a simple rolled ankle or bruise, but it was actually a sprain or even an ankle fracture.

Recently, a 21 year old basketball player came to my office complaining of left ankle pain. The patient stated that he was playing ball last night and rolled his ankle after going for a layup. He had swelling and black and blue on ankle.

We proceeded to take xrays to ensure our patient didn't have an ankle fracture. Ankle fractures can be treated but may require surgery. which were negative for any fracture! The next step was to immobilize the area so we placed him in a soft cast and walking boot. We also gave him crutches until he started to be able to walk with the boot.

After a few weeks the swelling was down and he was feeling much better. We progressed him to a lace up ankle support for the next 2 weeks and then I told him to bring his basketball sneakers in at that time. He was so happy about the progress! After all was set and done he was off the court for about a month but is feeling great and just scored 12 points the night before I saw him last month.

With an injury, getting diagnosed early is the best way to prevent a lengthy or costly treatment. If you are unable to put any weight on your foot or ankle or the swelling is not going down, you need to see a doctor. While you’re waiting to get to the doctor begin RICE at home (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Never try to “walk it off”.

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Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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