As the warm weather is approaching and flip flop season is in, Family Foot & Ankle Specialists recommends you to stay clear from those fun sandals. Flip Flops are your foots’ worst enemy. Although wearing flip flops may be cute- wearing fungus is NOT! Sandals increase the amount of bacteria surrounding your foot. Furthermore, since your toes need to grip on to the shoe, this causes an overuse of the muscles. Overusing the muscles can lead to tendonitis or inflammation of the tendon. Not only could you have these conditions, but overuse can also lead to stress fractures in the bones of your feet. 

Flip flops increase the likelihood of you getting a blister, which as many of you probably know are extremely painful! Since this is an open toed shoe usually plastic or leather it screams danger to your feet. Lastly, since there is no support for your feet your natural gait is thrown off which eventually will lead to issues in your ankles.  Flip Flops are not worth the pain or spending part of your spring or summer with a sprained ankle!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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