Heel lifts or other shoe inserts can help to correct a limb length discrepancy. The lift is designed to balance out the unequal lengths in someone's legs. Limb length discrepancy can cause a slew of foot, ankle, hip and back pain. While most people have a slight difference in leg length, if you are experiencing pain or see a noticeable difference in your stature, you should see a doctor.

Heel lifts are also used to treat common foot and ankle injuries and pain. Achilles tendonitis and bursitis are common problems that heel lifts are used to treat. This can prevent further pain and problems from developing.

Heel lifts are painless and placed right into your shoes. Your doctor will measure your legs to determine the difference the degree and find a heel lift that matches. The heel lift will be used right in your shoes and can be used to treat the problem immediately. 

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