babies first shoes

You should buy your baby his or her first shoe once they are confidently walking around the house. When they are in the house, let them go barefoot, but if you are planning to go out and let baby walk, it's time for shoes! 

Make sure to go to a reputable store for your child's first pair of shoes. They should be measured by a professional, both in length and width. Many babies are not too fond of the shoe buying experience so a good tip is to trace your child's foot onto a blank piece of paper while they are happily standing at home. The child must be standing. You can bring this to the store to help if your child gets impatient. 

Make sure the shoe is breathable, lightweight and has flexible soles. The best material is leather, canvas or cotton. Plastic shoes can make your child's feet sweat leading to other problems. You want your child to walk comfortably in the shoes without it sliding off their feet. You want to have space in the front of the shoe so your child's feet can grow. 

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