An ulcer is usually a painless sore on the bottom of the foot or top of toes which results from excessive pressure at that site.  Often, they can form under a pre-existing corn or callus which was permitted to build up too thickly. Sometimes, an ulcer can even be found on the side of your foot if you have poorly fitted shoes. Our certified pedorthist can help make sure your shoes are fitted properly to help prevent this condition.

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Regardless where the ulcer is, it cannot be avoided and you should see a podiatrist right away. With continued pressure and walking on the injured skin this will only worsen the open sore and make it larger. The sore will frequently become infected and may even penetrate to bone. If diabetic, you are at higher risk when an ulcer is developed. If neglected, ulcers can lead to a bone infection, which could cause an amputation.

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