Why Does My Child Walk on Their Toes?

There are a few reasons your child might be walking on their toes. Common causes of "toe walking" include short heel cords and flat feet. Without the the heels cords being able to allow the child's foot to extend all the way, the are forced to walk on their toes. Likewise, children with flat feet walk on their toes to compensate for stability.

Treatments for toe walking include stretching of the heel cord so the child is able to extend their foot and and orthotics. Children's orthotics will allow the child to gain more stability and control. In a worst case scenario, your child may need surgery to fix the tight heel cord.

We recommend having your child examined if they are toe walking. The best way to treat children's foot problems is to begin treatment early. To make your appointment today, click here.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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