With the added baby weight, your feet are under a lot of pressure, causing them to swell. Therefore, when you’re pregnant you need as much support as possible for your feet. It is important to not go barefoot and have shoes that fit!  During pregnancy, your feet can change sizes and shapes, which is why we highly recommend for you to see our certified pedorthist.

pregnancy and foot pain

Our pedorthist will be able to tell you any significant changes in your shoe size and help you get the corrective footwear you need. Although this is already known, do not smoke! Smoking not only affects the health of the baby and yours, but it also decreases the circulation to your feet. Also, try your best to not cross your legs because this decreases your circulation as well. In all, we highly recommend for you to see a podiatrist because of how important the health of your feet are when you’re pregnant.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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