Our offices are working hard to keep our team, staff and communities safe during Covid19. We have remained open during the pandemic in order to keep the ER and urgent cares clear of non urgent issues. Deemed essential, we have been treating all urgent care patients in the office. All non urgent matters, we treated via telemedicine.

Now, we are back to treating ALL foot and ankle in the office while following guidelines:

1. Valet car-to-treatment room service so there are no lines, no crowds, and no waiting rooms.

2. Requiring masks.

3. No groups- only the patient and their guardian/care taker/ translator are permitted inside.

4. Telemedicine available for those who cannot or do not want to come in.

5. Diligent cleaning- we are cleaning all high touch surface areas hourly and continue to disinfect treatment rooms between patients

We are working very hard to keep our communities safe. If you have any questions regarding our protocols. Call our office and we would be happy to help.


Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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