It is important we take proper precautions to prevent ourselves from developing warts. Warts are most contagious in communal showers, bathtubs, swimming pools, and Jacuzzi areas because they harbor the virus in the moist environment. Therefore, with the nice weather arriving, it is extremely important to wear shoes at all times. Also, do not share socks or shoes, and avoid direct contact with warts on other parts of the body or on other people. If you have a wart, make sure it is covered if you are going swimming or are walking barefoot, so you do not spread this virus.

plantar warts

Lastly, to avoid getting warts again, keep your feet clean and dry. Family Foot & Ankle Specialists highly recommends for you to inspect your feet frequently for new warts. Warts can increase in size and number so if you have a wart, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible!

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