Charcot foot is an extreme side effect of diabetes, usually diabetic neuropathy. Charcot foot weakens the joints of the foot which can cause the arch to collapse, increase the risk of fractures and ulcers. Since diabetic neuropathy causes the feet to become numb, people suffering from this condition don't feel the ulcers which leads to infections and more seriously, amputations.

Wearing or even getting into a shoe can be next to impossible so one of the main goals is helping patients get a proper fitting shoe. Many people find it easier to wear sandals or slippers while suffering from this condition, but that increases the chances of injury or infection. 

Custom shoes and braces are used to help with comfort, as well as, prevent injury. If necessary, the doctor may need to use surgery. There are ways to prevent injuries and complications with charcot foot and your podiatrist can help you make the best decisions for your condition.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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