Dry skin on your feet is very common. It can be embarrassing, painful even dangerous for some people. There are many causes of peeling, dry skin- athletes foot, fungus, shoes, weight gain- are all common causes of dry skin on the feet. If you are NOT a diabetic, treating the dry skin on your feet could include using a foot cream daily, changing your shoes, and using a pumice stone weekly. 

In addition, our office has a high powered file that can help to drastically reduce the dry skin on you feet so at-home maintenance is much easier. Once your foot is filed in our office, the upkeep for smooth, healthy looking feet only takes a few minutes a day. 

If that doesn't help, or you are a diabetic, you should definitely see a podiatrist. They may be able to get rid of the dry skin in one visit.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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