There are many different grades of bunionettes along with treatments for each condition. For simple bunionettes, sometimes you might just need some temporary padding and an injection of cortisone to stop the irritation. However, if you want to prevent it from getting worse, we highly recommend for you to get a different shoe or change your shoe size. A certified pedorthist can help properly measure your foot to make sure the shoes you have are the best fit. Another option is to get customized orthotics. These inserts are made to keep your foot aligned and to prevent the bunionette from getting worse.

If the bunionetee is more severe, surgery will most likely be necessary. The surgery is a same day procedure and you will be able to go home with a walking boot. You’ll have minimal pain and if your job is mostly sitting you may only have to miss a day or two!

Make an appointment with one of our podiatrists to see which treatment option is best for you!

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