Diabetic neuropathy can cause the feet or toes to feel numb, tingling, even burning. Neuropathy is common in diabetics due to the damage caused by high blood sugar. High blood sugar will damage the nerves, especially in the extremities, like the feet and hands. The damage will result in the feeling of burning or even loss of feeling altogether.

​There is no "cure" for diabetic neuropathy, but there are treatment options and possible preventative measures. To start, managing your diabetes and blood sugar will help to reduce your chances of developing diabetic neuropathy. Diet, exercises and close monitoring of your diabetes is the best prevention.

​However, if diabetic neuropathy does develop, we have different treatment options available. There are oral and topical medications to reduce any pain you may be feeling in your feet. Additionally, MicroVas is treatment used to help reduce pain and has even helped people regain feeling once they are dealing with numb feet. MicroVas increases blood flow to the feet. It is painless and effective.

​If you are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, call our office to discuss your treatment options.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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