There are many treatments for toenail fungus. Some of them have been around for many years while others are more modern. Depending on how long you have had the fungus or how severe it is will determine the best treatment. Some methods can take a long time or will require organ screenings and some will not.

Most Common for Nail Fungus 

1. Oral medication

2. Topical "paint on"

2. Laser

Oral medication is a pill, usually Lamisil. It is an effective treatment, however patient need to be tested before they are able to take it. Patients will take the Lamisil for 6-12 weeks but won't see results until the nail has fully grown out. 

Topical is a clear solution used just like nail polish, The patient will take the bottle home and apply it on their own at home. This can be effective but requires a methodical person as it needs to be applied daily or more. 

Laser is painless and effective. It is a great option for those wanting immediate results We combine the laser with Keryflex so our patients can walk out of the office with clear, healthy looking nails.

Your doctor may use any combination of these methods. We offer all of these in our office. Our doctors will examine your feet to evaluate the fungus and determine the best treatment option. Your lifestyle and goals will help the doctor make the best plan.

Denise Bonnin, D.P.M.
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