MicroVas is commonly used to treat neuropathy and non-healing wounds. This new treatment option is used to help speed healing time while eliminating pain. MicroVas will increase blood flow to a damaged or painful area which increases oxygen and accelerates healing. MicroVas is pain free and can be done right in the office. The treatment does not use any needles or cutting and has virtually no side effects.


Many people suffering from neuropathy experience burning and tingling in their feet or a total loss of sensation all together.  While painful feet can totally interfere with your activities and overall happiness, some argue that no feeling is worse. Without being able to feel pain, you don't know when something is wrong to either fix or discontinue. This can cause someone to being walk around with rocks in their shoes or a piece of fabric from their shoes rubbing on their toes and they could be walking around all day with a wound.

In addition, diabetics heal slower than those without it. Once a diabetic develops a wound, healing from it can take a while and be quite a struggle. MicroVas is used to speed healing and restore feeling in the feet. It has proven extremely effective for those treated with MicroVas Therapy.

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