A podiatrist is the expert in foot and ankle care. While orthopedists are educated on the musculoskeletal system within the entire body, the education and schooling of a podiatrist is solely focused on the feet and ankles. From this you can expect precision and dedicated service to the feet and ankles from podiatrists.

Another common difference between an orthopedist and podiatrist is that podiatrists tend to treat foot and ankle problems conservatively before they opt for surgery and more invasive treatments. Podiatrists may have more conservative treatments available such as footwear, orthotic devises, laser therapies, cryotherapies and more.

In addition, podiatrists are trained in skin and nail issues of the foot and ankles. Orthopedists may only be educated on the inner workings of the feet and ankles. Podiatrists treat common skin problems such as fungus, warts, and calluses.

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