Foot pain is common. Our office treats new and experienced runners for foot pain. While the cause and treatment for foot pain can differ for everyone, the importance of treatment is the same. The sooner you get treated for your pain, the chances of a quicker and simpler recovery do too. If you have foot pain, you should rest your feet and see a podiatrist.

Foot can be different. For some runners starting out, foot pain is very common. Your feet and whole body are adjusting to the increased activity. This pain will be more of an ache and soreness that will begin to decrease a few days or weeks after you have started. If you have been running or involved with a high impact sport, and suddenly start to experience foot pain there is a good chance it is an injury or biomechanical issue.

The moral of the story, yes you should stop running and check with a podiatrist. If you are a new running, you can give yourself a few days to see if the pain decreases. Getting treated early into an injury will usually make the recovery less painful, less expensive, and much faster!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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