Some helpful tips to run without pain are proper fitted shoes, learn your terrain, and stretch! Proper fitted shoes are vital to ensure your feet will be supported and protected. Our certified pedorthist can help ensure the shoes you have fit you properly. To have the correct size shoe and type will avoid any future injuries.

Also, wherever you are going to mainly run, make sure you are well educated about the area. Whether it’s running on the treadmill, trails, or on the street, they all require different types of preparation. Lastly, it is essential to stretch, stretch, and do more stretching! It’s important to stretch before AND after! We recommend warming up about 15 to 20 prior to stretching.

Running does not have to painful with these helpful tips. Foot cramps, heel pain, and other common foot pain can be prevented. Call our office today if you are having any foot and/or ankle pain!

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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