One of the side effects of flat feet is tendonitis. Tendonitis is a common problem for people who have severe flat feet. The reason why people with flat feet have tendinitis is because they have collapsed arches. While the tendon attempts to pull the arch up, the foot and the tendon oppose forces.

One of the most common affected tendons is the posterior tibial tendon, which is inflammation of the tendon on the inside of the ankle bone. When this tendon gets inflamed, it can be very painful. Some treatment options may include surgery, anti-inflammatory treatment, low-dose steroid, or an occasional injection. 

If you have tendonitis, we recommend a proper orthotic custom device to control the grinding foot motion. It’s also important to have proper foot wear! Our certified pedorthist can help properly measure your foot to ensure it is the best fit for your feet. If left untreated, this condition could lead to disability and chronic pain.

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