As a diabetic, suffering from neuropathy can be painful but difficult to recognize. Diabetic neuropathy can cause insensitivity and the loss of ability to feel pain, cold, and heat. Blisters, scrapes, cuts, and pressure sores may occur without you even knowing.  Even if you have a minor injury, it is important to see a podiatrist because of further complications. Bunions, hammertoes, Charcot foot, and even amputations are a result of untreated conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important to check your feet every day.

Also, with improper footwear, irritation and injuries are more likely to occur. Our certified pedorthist can measure your feet to ensure the shoes you are wearing are the best fit for you. In addition to well fitted shoes, orthotics highly recommended. Following these small tips and having regular check-ups by a podiatrist will reduce the risks of developing serious foot conditions.

Peter Wishnie, D.P.M.
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