What is the difference between a fracture and a break? Nothing! A fracture and a break are the same. This is a common misconception. Our patients often ask if the bone is broken or "just fractured, assuming a fracture will be less severe. Since they are the same, the treatment for a fracture and a break are the same.

Treatment will began with RICE- rest, ice, compression and elevation. Your doctor will determine whether you need a hard cast or a walking boot. Although, both will immobilize the foot or ankle. Crutches or different types of walkers can be used to help getting around during this time. You will continue visits with the office and most likely continue with X-rays. Laser therapy is used to decrease swelling and speed up healing.

Once the break if healed you will free from the cast but will usually need to wear a CAM walker until advised by your doctor. After the boot it is best to continue wearing a supportive sneaker with your orthotic for a few months. Some people will need physical therapy, as well. 

Robert Kosofsky, D.P.M.
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Dr. Robert Kosofsky has over 25 years of experience treating patients in our Hillsborough & Piscataway offices