After bunion surgery, you should stay home for a few days to give yourself rest and time to elevate your foot. During these days you may experience some pain from the post op swelling. Do not be alarmed by this because swelling is necessary for healing. To experience minimal pain, ice your foot 25 minutes four to five days, keep your foot elevated, and take the prescribed anti-inflammatory pills.

After you give yourself the appropriate amount of time, you can be on your feet again and resume your daily activities, whether it may be work, out to dinner, or to the movies. Some of our patients have returned to work within 3 days, it will depend on the severity of the problem. Each surgery case is different but every patient of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists will be treated with the best care. 

If you have any questions about your bunion surgery, please do not hesitate to call and ask! 
Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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