Keryflex is a cosmetic procedure to limit embarrassment of affected toenails.   This topical treatment lasts only 15 minutes in the office and supplies NO PAIN.   It is simply applied to the affected nails, those who are discolored, brittle, chipped, or peeling, and covers the unsightliness of the nail.   The treated nail acts as a normal nail in that you can cut, file, even apply nail polish.  

This new technology allows people to enjoy their lives without having to worry about the appearance of an "ugly" nail.  This treatment can be used for summer months of sandals and open-toe shoes, for weddings, vacations, or any other time you would like to be free of embarrassment.

It maintains the appearance of the nail while it helps to move the fungus off of the nail. It also helps to keep the fungus contained and limits spreading of the fungus onto the skin around the nail as well as other nails. Your doctor will prescribe safe topical medications to treat the fungus as well as use the Keryflex to keep your nails looking beautiful.
Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M.
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