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We Want to Make Sure You are Fully Educated on Proper Foot Health

These articles will teach you all about common foot problems. We encourage patients to always consult a doctor before self-medicating, however, it is essential to understand your condition. 

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  • Diabetic Socks Socks are important for preventing or reducing problems in diabetics, those with poor circulation, with fungal or sweat issues. The socks we offer keep feet cool and dry.
  • Cosmetic Foot Surgery | Toe Removal Cosmetic foot surgery has doctors concerned with the risks women are taking to fit their feet into fashionable shoes.
  • 10 Tips to a Great Shoe Fit Ten easy tips to buying the best shoes for your feet. These simple tips will help you find comfortable shoes that will never hurt your feet.
  • What To Look For in a Good Shoe Shoes can either create a lot of pain in your feet or create comfort and support. You need to have a supportive, flexible pair that embraces your foot shape.
  • Wear Patterns In Your Shoes Can Tell Your Foot Problems Wear patterns in your shoe can indicate a lot about your feet. Depending on the shape of your shoe or the worn areas, you may be suffering from different foot problems.
  • Men's Shoes Men and women shoes differ in the shape of the shoe. Men need to have multiple shoes to rotate, giving shoes time to dry out and reform.
  • Women's Shoes Women need to wear proper shoes in order to prevent serious problems. Many women suffer from foot problems because they do not wear the correct size or fit for their foot.
  • Work Out Shoes |Aerobic Shoes Injury is very common when people are wearing the incorrect shoe for their activity. You need to be sure the shoes fits properly, offers support, and protects the foot.
  • Baseball Shoes Baseball shoes are going to be different than other sports shoes. There are some symptoms to look for to determine if your cleats fit properly.
  • Basketball Shoes It is very important to have proper basketball shoes that support your ankle and absorb the shock from jumps. It is vital to wear proper footwear based on the sport or activity level.
  • Cycling Shoes Many cycling enthusiasts state that their cycling shoes are just as important as their bike. The foot endures a lot of stress as the cyclist pedals gain speed.
  • Golf Shoes It is very important to have proper golf shoes; for your foot health and your golf game. Golf shoes have changed over the years, but still need to provide comfort, support, and stability.
  • Running Shoes Having proper running shoes is essential to proper foot health. It is very easy to seriously injure yourself without the best running shoes.
  • Soccer Shoes | Soccer Cleats Soccer shoes are very important influences on the athletes foot health and how well they play the game. Soccer shoes need to be supportive and comfortable to prevent foot and ankle injuries.
  • Tennis Shoes Tennis shoes should provide good arch support, a reinforced toe, a roomy toe box, and a comfortable collar in the back of the shoe. It is vital to get the proper tennis shoe to prevent ankle, foot and toe injuries.
  • Don't Buy Walking Shoes Without Reading This Walking shoes are very important for preventing pain and injury. Our doctor shares easy tips to buying the best walking shoe for your foot.Call our office if you have pain.
  • Winter Sports Shoes Many winter sports include boots, skates or other type of substitute shoe wear. These shoes should provide cushion, support, and stability. if you have pain call our office.
  • Work Boots and Safety Footwear This article includes the American Podiatric Medical Association Guide to proper footwear and features specific to your job or job description.
  • 11 Tips to Choosing the Best Shoes Some serious foot disorders, and even more common conditions, can be linked to one avoidable thing: inappropriate, poor quality or ill-fitting shoes. Any podiatrist will tell you that a good quality, properly fitting shoe pays big dividends for your feet down the road.