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We Want to Make Sure You are Fully Educated on Proper Foot Health

These articles will teach you all about common foot problems. We encourage patients to always consult a doctor before self-medicating, however, it is essential to understand your condition. 

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  • How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails Ingrown toenails are painful! They can be persistent and will only get worse if left untreated. Preventing ingrown toenails is the best way to avoid the pain!
  • Chipped, Brittle, Peeling Toenails Dr. Brad Schaeffer explains a condition that causes your toenails to become chipped, brittle or peeling. We can treat this condition in our office.
  • Painless Wart Removal Removing a wart does not have to be painful. We have a painless, effective treatment option available for children and adults to remove plantar warts.
  • Athlete's Foot- Causes and Prevention Athlete's foot is a contagious fungal infection that effects your feet. It can cause a burning and itching feeling and the skin can begin to look scaly.
  • Foot Ulcer | Sores on the Feet Foot ulcers can be life threatening and should be treated by a doctor immediately. if you or a loved one are experiencing a foot ulcer, you should call immediately.
  • Skin Cancer of the Feet Skin cancer of the feet is often overlooked by routine doctor visits. Most people assume skin cancer of the feet is caused by too much sun, however there are other more common causes.
  • Early Warning Signs of Frostbite The early warning signs of frostbite include itchy, tingling, painful and numb feet. If treated in the early stage, most frostbite will not permanently damage the body.
  • Frostbite in Your Feet Frostbite in your feet can be a very dangerous condition. Here are the common warning signs you may be suffering from frostbite.Most frostbite cases can be easily treated by a professional.
  • Tips for a Safe Pedicure | Nail Salons Learn Simple steps to have a safe pedicure. Infections, ingrown nails, fungus...sounds terrible, right? Well, a trip to the nail salon can cause all of these problems and more!
  • Dry Heels Dry, cracked, discolored heels can be embarrassing, especially in the summer time when you are wearing sandals or open shoes. We can heal your heels painlessly in our office.
  • Treating Nail Fungus in Hillsborough NJ | Hillsborough Podiagtrist While treating nail fungus, you must treat the other infected area which includes the nails, the skin on your feet, and your shoes and socks. Otherwise your nail fungus will return.
  • Plantar Warts Warts are a common condition seen at our Hillborough podiatry office. Warts are especially common in the spring and summer seasons. Treatment can be painless.
  • My Ingrown Toenail Came Back If your ingrown toenail is not treated correctly, it is likely to return. Our Hillsborough podiatrists completely remove and destroy the root of the nail in order to prevent a recurrence.
  • Treating an Ingrown Toenail Treating an ingrown toenail does not have to be painful. We treat ingrown toenails at our office in a painless, effective manor.
  • Bacterial and Fungal Infections Bacteria and fungal infections are common foot problems. Issues such as athlete's foot, nail fungus, warts and many others are caused from common skin infections.
  • Why Is Sterilization so Important In Nail Salons Does your nail salon really sterilize their equipment? If they're not, they could be putting you at a huge risk for skin and bone infections...even amputations.
  • Healthy Nail & Body Spa | Safe Pedicures | Piscataway NJ Did you know many skin and nail problems can be caused by your local salon or spa! Our Healthy Nails & Body Spa uses incredibly sterile equipment all while providing a great experience.
  • Preventing Nail Fungus From Coming Back Treating nail fungus with laser therapy is very common as of recently. It is painless, quick and yields virtually no side effects. However, people are wondering if the fungus will return later.
  • Dry Skin on Heels | Dry Skin on Feet Dry skin on your feet is very common, especially, on your heels. There are moisturizers and other treatments available to help get rid of the skin and prevent it from coming back.
  • Athletes Foot Athlete's foot is a common foot condition that can causes scaling, itching, burning and irritation of the feet. it can happen on the feet or in between toes.