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We Want to Make Sure You are Fully Educated on Proper Foot Health

These articles will teach you all about common foot problems. We encourage patients to always consult a doctor before self-medicating, however, it is essential to understand your condition. 

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  • MLS Laser for Heel Pain The MLS laser is painless and effective at treating plantar fasciitis and heel pain. It's a great treatment option for people who don't want injections or surgery.
  • 9 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy 9 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy. We have the MLS laser available in our office.
  • Causes of Sore Feet Sore feet can be caused some simple reasons and other times it can be a deeper issue. If you have sore feet that are not getting better, call our office to learn why.
  • Hyprocure | Treatment for Flat Feet Hyprocure is a an immediate and permanent solution to flat feet. This treatment option can prevent pain and other foot problems resulting from flat feet.
  • Causes of Neuropathy in the Feet Burning, numb, or tingling feet are common symptoms of neuropathy in the feet. There are treatment options to reduce the pain, increase sensation and improve the quality of life.
  • MicroVas Treats Neuropathy MicroVas may be the answer to your neuropathic pain. This painless treatment option has no side effects and is performed right in our office. Call to schedule your treatment today!
  • High Arches: Causes and Treatment High arches can be a very painful condition. Treating high arches can vary depending on the severity of each person. Orthotics, shoes, and surgery can all be used to treat high arches.
  • Treatment of Gout Podiatrist Robert Kosofsky explains the treatment for gout. The treatment is essential to keeping away painful gout attacks. We can provide treatment for your gout at our office.
  • Gout Diet | What To Eat When You Have Gout If you have gout, your diet can be the difference between pain and no pain. If you follow these simple diet rules, you can save yourself a lot of pain.
  • Gout and Feet Piscataway podiatrist explains how gout can affect your feet. Gout is usually extremely painful but changing your diet may be able to help reduce the gout pain in your feet.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease & Poor Circulation Peripheral Arterial Disease can be caused by a number of problems including diabetes, hypertension, and smoking. Prevention is the best treatment for this condition.
  • Painless Treatment Methods We are a group of NJ Podiatrists specializing in painless treatment techniques. We can treat many common foot problems painlessly such as heel pain, ankle sprains, and Achilles tendonitis.
  • Pain on the Top of My Foot Pain on the top of your foot can be caused by a few different issues. Burning or sharp pain on the top of the foot are the most common ways it's described.
  • High Arches High arches can lead to serious foot pain. many people are born with high arches and the best way to treat this problem depends on your goals and lifestyle.
  • Lyncos Orthotics Lynco orthotics are an affordable and effective alternative to custom orthotics. Lyncos can provide support and stability to your feet and prevent or treat foot problems.
  • Cryotherapy Treats Foot Pain Without Pain! Cryotherapy is a treatment used to treat many kinds of foot pain. Virtually painless, quick, and no down time make it a great treatment option.
  • Foot Conditions Treated by Cryosurgery Cryotherapy treats many kinds of foot conditions including heel pain, achilles tendonitis, neuromas, and more. It's effective and virtually painless.
  • Ultrasound Technology Ultrasound is a technology our office uses to diagnose all types of foot problems The ultrasound helps the podiatrist to be able to see into the foot.
  • Benefits of Cryotherapy Cryotherapy is a safe treatment for many types of foot conditions. There is virtually no recovery time.
  • Winter Foot Problems Dry, Cracked and painful foot problems are common in winter. Weather and footwear can be be damaging to the the feet and ankles.