Three Biggest Misconceptions About Running Shoes

Running is a relatively cost effective support. There's no membership fees or expensive equipment. The only real piece of equipment you need is supportive, comfortable shoes. Your shoes will either prevent or create problems for your feet. Furthermore, they can prevent or improve your running career based on their quality, fit and type.

running shoes

Three Biggest Rumors About Running Shoes:

1. You Have to Spend a Ton of Money- many people assume they will have to spend tons of money for a quality pair of running shoes. This is not the case. You do want to INVEST in a good, quality pair of shoes, but their is no price on quality. You need a shoe that fits they environment of running you will be doing, supports your foot, and is designed for your foot type...the price is irrelevant.

2. You Need to "Break In" Your Running Shoes- while this is a fraction of truth, you do not need to break in your shoes. Your shoes should feel and fit comfortably from the minute you put them on. If they do not feel good in the store, forget them and keep trying. Once you have the perfect fit, you may want to wear them around the house for a few days before you take off running in them.

3. Your High Priced Running Shoes Will Last Forever- No, No, No! You must change your running shoes about every 300-500 miles. They will not work effectively if you do not change them. they wear out and your feet could have changed shapes, sizes or arch type. Also, you will want to be measured everytime you buy a new pair of shoes.

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