When Do You Need Ankle Surgery

Surgery may be required to correct a serious deformity of the ankle and its bone structure. An injury, birth defects, or changes throughout the course of life often cause ankle deformities. However, the most common cause of ankle surgery is an ankle injury. injuries from sports, falls, and impact can lead to ankle surgery. It is imperative to be diagnosed and treated quickly with an ankle injury. 

ankle surgery

Disease can lead to Ankle Surgery

Such diseases as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and neuromuscular conditions may cause severe foot and ankle deformities, and these ultimately result in pain and difficulty in walking.

What to Expect from Ankle Surgery

Surgery often includes a procedure that realigns the existing deformity. Your recovery will depend on how severe and what type of ankle surgery you are having. If you have an ankle injury or notice pain in your ankles, you should see your doctor before you cause a further injury or problem.

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