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What to Look for in Basketball Shoes

Proper basketball shoes have lots of ankle support and shock absorption. Some high-topped shoes offer more ankle support than others. Shoes should fit well and be replaced before the soles become smooth, or before the uppers begin to tear or come apart. A typical basketball shoe should be replaced every two to three months for five days a week worth of play. Acrylic socks should be worn to avoid blistering
Basketball shoes should provide support for lateral movement and extra stability to guard against ankle sprains.

Common basketball Injuries

Basketball players are more susceptible to foot and ankle injuries. Common injuries we treat in basketball players are ankle sprains, heel pain, and Achilles tendonitis. Like most athletes, when a player is injured or in pain their biggest concern is how fast they can get back in the game. The best way to prevent a lengthy recovery from a basketball injury is to get diagnosed immediately following an injury or noticing pain.

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