The doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists have been using cryosurgery for eight years. We have had more experience with cryosurgery for foot related conditions than any other physician in the United States. We have had wonderful results and it is a great option for a lot of foot problems. 

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryosurgery works just as icing an bruised knee, only to higher degree. Cryotherapy forces a blast of cold to the area of pain or an injury. The cold blocks the nerve from sending pain messages to the brain. Cryotherapy is long lasting and minimally invasive. 

Advantages of Cryosurgery:

1)    No stitches
2)    You can get into your own shoe on the same day
3)    No down time
4)    No cutting of nerves or tissues
5)    High success rate
6)    Covered by most insurances


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