Keep track of the shape of your feet as they develop over time, especially if foot problems run in your family.

Bunions can be painful and frustrating. The bump that grows on the side of the big toe makes wearing shoes difficult. People will usually opt for wider shoe boxes or open shoes such as sandals. However, this option doesn't work for everyone. If you need to wear specific shoes for work or the bunion becomes painful, you need to see a doctor to discuss bunion treatment options.

4 Ways to Prevent a Bunion:

1. Exercising your feet can strengthen them. Learn to pick up small objects with your toes.
2. Wear shoes that fit properly and that do not cramp or pinch your toes. Women should avoid shoes with high heels or pointed toes.
3. Orthotics will support the foot and take pressure off.
4. Get treated immediately if notice any changes in your feet. The earlier you get treated, the easier it will be to treat and may prevent surgical intervention!

Treatment Options for a Bunion

If you have a bunion that is causing you pain or interfering with your everyday life, you need to see a doctor. Bunion treatments have come a long way. If a bunion is minor and doesn't hurt, you may only need shoe modifications or inserts, however, if you leave a painful bunion untreated, you will be more at risk for surgery.


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