Our doctors are the bunion specialists. Bunions can be painful, unsightly and  make it difficult to wear shoes. Our doctors are able to alleviate the pain and correct the bone deformity. In many cases our doctors are able to accomodate the bunion in the office with padding, shoes and corrective devises. Our doctors are also experts in bunion surgery if the bunion is causing pain or affecting hr patient's quality of life. 

Conservative Bunion Treatment

Our doctors can treat bunions without surgery! If your bunion is not causing you pain, but a minor inconvenience, accomodating your bunion may be a great treatment option. Our doctors will not rush to surgery. They will consider your lifestyle, your foot goals and how the bunion is effecting your quality of life. If you do not want surgery, our doctors have options!

Painless Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery has evolved. Our podiatric surgeons are experts in the newest techniques of bunion surgery. Bunion surgery can be painless and have quick healing process. We have many patients return to work in as little as three days following their surgery. While each case is different, our doctors have the best methods to help you get back to your normal routine following surgery. 

Our doctors will help lan your surgery based on your schedule and lifestyle. We can schedule your surgery at a time most convenient for you and your family. We will walk you though the process, work with your insurance and be available 24/7. 

Our Patients Are So Happy They Took The Leap To Get Their Life Back!

I had severed, shooting, sharp, persistent, and constant pain, that was a 10 out of a 10. I could not walk, do housework, play with my grandson, go shopping, or walk up or down stairs.  Now I am in no pain at all, I had both bunions done and one hammertoe done at two different times. I am going to Physical Therapy now and they are teaching me how to walk again. For years I limped because of the pain. 

The staff is fabulous and Dr. Wishnie gave me my life back! I have heard bad stories after people had bunion surgery. I waited fifteen years to find a podiatrist and I am so happy that I found Dr. Wishnie and his office. His staff is very efficient. 

Kathy A.

Learn What Treatment is Best For You

Our doctors will help understand what treatment option ois best for you. If you would refer having surgery or not, we can help! Our team will help to make the whole process easier. Our doctors will explain every option available. If you decide to have surgery, you will be assigned a surgical coordinator which will ealk you through the process. Our financial team will work with your insurance company and you will be given your doctor's cell phone number to answer any questions whenever you have them. 

Make an Appointment

Make an apointment in our office. We have offices in Piscataway and Hillsborough, NJ. Our bunion specialists in Hillsborough and Piscataway work with most insurances, offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments. Our team is here to help you feel and look better! Don't let bunions effect your life anymore. call our office and learn how we can help!

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