We have added a convenient, interest free payment plan, CareCredit, to their practice. Unfortunately, with the economy in crisis, many people are cutting corners to save money. Along with vacations, new cars, and shopping, many people are also trying to save money by skipping their doctor appointments. Sadly, cutting corners on healthcare will usually cause more of a financial burden in the end.




Use CareCredit to Help Pay for Your Health

We don't want their patients to forfeit their health simply because they cannot afford it. CareCredit is a great resource for people who are experiencing financial stress or love the convenience of one simple payment a month. "We were noticing a rise in the number of cancellations at the office, we figured out 75% of the time people were canceling due to finances," said Dr. Peter Wishnie, owner of the practice, "We don't think people should sacrifice their health just because money is tight."  Dr. Wishnie continued to explain that patients who are not consistent with their treatment plans end up paying more in the end.

The Benefits of CareCredit

CareCredit is a great payment plan option. The benefits include interest free financing, one simple payment a month and the convenience of using the card at other participating medical offices. In addition, the card can be utilized for the whole family, including pets! With CareCredit you can pay for any medical expense including co-pays, deductibles, products, services and more.

How Does CareCredit Work

How it works is a patient can either request it or a doctor or financial advisor may suggest it at the office.  Then the patient meets with a financial advisor who will assist the patient in applying for the card, which only take seconds in the office. Once approval is verified you are all set to use card. It may take a few weeks to receive the actual card in the mail, but you can start using the services immediately since they provide the card number.


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