Circulation is especially critical in your legs and feet. Without proper blood circulation to your limbs, you could be at risk for losing them! There are different types of circulation that keep your legs and feet healthy. Venous circulation vs arterial circulation. These types of circulation describe how the body moves the blood throughout your body.

venous insufficiency


How Does Venous Insufficiency Affect Your Veins

Venous insufficiency in the legs describes how your veins move the blood. Your veins goal is to move the the blood from different areas of the body back to your heart. If your veins becomes damaged or weak, they cannot perform this function which causes the blood to pool in the legs, making them swell. This can also cause varicose veins in the legs.

Poor Circulation

Arterial Circulation is how your body delivers blood to the different parts of your body. If your body has problems bringing the blood to your limbs, many problems can occur. Peripheral vascular disease is the medical term used to describe the poor circulation. This can also cause changes in the legs and feet. 

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